What is the PTFC Youth Academy?

What is the PTFC Youth Academy?
The PTFC Youth Academy is a 10 month development program designed for boys and girls at the U8-U10 age groups with a focus on player development over results.  The aim is to provide committed players a comprehensive understanding of the game and the technical skills that are necessary to perform on the field. 
The Youth Academy program is designed to promote fun, efficient, and educational training sessions that will motivate and challenge each player while developing within his or her own ability level. The objectives of this program are to:
1) Develop the basic technical fundamentals of the game (passing, receiving, 1v1 skills, etc)
2) Promote creative and thoughtful players through consistently teaching tactical aspects of the game
Our Youth Academy coaches are instructed to promote an environment that focuses on each individual player, with the understanding that each player develops at his or her own pace. 
Training Sessions and Matches
Youth Academy players train on Monday and Thursday evenings at either Redmon Park or Phillips Park.  Our progam follows the pool training model set in place by US Soccer, where all players train together and not in specific teams. There will be an average of eight play dates each fall and spring season, not including any tournaments that might be attended. Each player will play an average of two matches on each play date (often referred to as a "Youth Academy Festival"). 
Each Monday training session allows for all Youth Academy players to train at their "home sites," either Redmon or Phillips.  On Thursdays, our entire play pool trains together at one of these locations (fall season = Phillips, spring season = Redmon). 
Selection Process
Youth Academy assessments are held in conjunction with all PTFC tryouts each spring in late May.  All players who are interested in participating with the Youth Academy will need to take part in our assessment process.