Youth Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the PTFC Youth Academy?
The PTFC Youth Academy is a 10 month development program designed for boys and girls at the U8-U10 age groups with a focus on player development over results.  The aim is to provide committed players a comprehensive understanding of the game and the technical skills that are necessary to perform on the field.
Q: What does a typical year look like with the Youth Academy program?
May: Assessments held for boys and girls 
August: Training for fall season begins, 2 times per week. 
Late August-November: NCYSA fall matches 
December-January: Winter Agility Training 
February: Training for spring season begins
Mid February-May: NCYSA spring matches
Q: How much does the program cost?
Please click here to view the fee structure for all PTFC programs. 
Q: What is the training environment? 
Our Youth Academy Pool Training System is designed to maximize the opportunity for each player to develop and succeed at the appropriate level. To help facilitate individual growth, our coaching staff uses aspects of both pool training and team-building. This enables our coaches the freedom to move players and structure teams from week to week to ensure each player is placed in the right learning environment. 
Q: What size soccer ball does my player need?
All players should have a size 4 soccer ball. 
Q: What is the game format?
Games currently are structured in a 6v6 format (5 field players and 1 goalkeeper).  Beginning in the 2016/15 season, games will be played in a 7v7 format.  
Q: Is playing time guaranteed?
Yes. A large part of our Youth Academy curriculum focuses on match play and learning through in-game scenarios.  
Q: Can players play on their recreational team and participate in the Youth Academy as well?
No. Our program is a 10 month long commitment, and players are not allowed to participate in any other program under the PTFC umbrella while playing in the Youth Academy program. 
Q: Can my player join the program if we missed assessmemts?
If your player misses the schedule assessments or you are interested in joining the Youth Academy program during the course of the season, please contact our Youth Academy Director Gregg Weigel.  
Still have questions? Contact our Youth Academy Director Gregg Weigel for more information on our Youth Academy program.