2017-2018 Tryout Schedule and Information

Tryout Schedule and Information

2018-19 Season 

Girls Age Group Chart   Boys Age Group Chart
Birth Year Age Group   Birth Year Age Group
2000G U19   2000B U19
2001G U18   2001B U18
2002G U17   2002B U17
2003G U16   2003B U16
2004G U15   2004B U15
2005G U14   2005B U14
2006G U13   2006B U13
2007G U12   2007B U12
2008G U11   2008B U11
2009G U10 Academy   2009B U10 Academy
2010G U10 Academy   2010B U10 Academy
2011G U10 Academy   2011B U10 Academy


Girls Spring Tryouts

2003-2000 Girls Only

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Session 1: 
Saturday, March 17
Ivey Redmon Sports Complex

***Check-in Begins at 9:30am***


Session 2:
Sunday, March 18
Ivey Redmon Sports Complex
***Check-in Begins at 5:30pm***
Tryouts/Youth Academy Assessments for all other age groups will be held in May.  Check back later for a full schedule.